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Why should you learn french?

Learning French is no longer a choice or an option: it is a must for businesses communication, it offers employment opportunities, promotes global economic growth in the region and across the world, and much more!!!

Did you know that….

  • Learning French facilitates adult professionals’ integration in the neighboring countries, encourages dialogue, negotiations, and partnership with ECOWAS countries.
  • Being able to communicate with French speaking clients will make you look more attractive and marketable to international businesses and give you an advantage for higher job and salaries.
  • French is an essential element that will enable Ghana to create and expand businesses with its neighboring countries such as Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and beyond. It will help improve international relationships and cultural understanding in the region.

Why should you master business english?

English is the language of business and hence companies who conduct business internationally are likely to communicate with English speakers making the ability to use English in the workplace a very essential skill.

Do you agree that….

  • Mastering Business English will give you the confidence that you need to communicate in various business situations including meetings and negotiations, for managing, giving presentations and in social situations.
  • Your communication skill set will make you sound more successful to businesses that conduct businesses on a regional and international level.
  • A good command of English allows you to communicate effectively with international clients and help you build trust resulting in strong and lasting business relationships.


The inlingua network has gained a solid reputation over the years. It has already established a unique and solid brand across the world with over 300 schools in 4 continents and 35 countries, and more than 50 years of experience. The inlingua network is internationally recognized for its high standard in language training and therefore will benefit your learning no matter what your goals are.


Our unique expertise in language training assures you rewarding outcomes. inlingua is known for its high performance and positive results in using a unique and most practical method for teaching languages across the globe. This method has been proven both efficient and effective in developing and improving students’ language skills in the twinkle of an eye.

Our qualified teachers have a great amount of expertise in language training

Our unique curriculum targets your most specific business, professional and personal needs

Our language lab helps you improve your language skills at a faster pace

Our flexibility allows us to teach students in their business setting or our language center

Our students’ community encourages French speaking in a friendly atmosphere

Our students’ space promotes your personal learning

Our free wifi access facilitates your studying

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